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Required Supplies:

Elmer's Glue Stick
Translucent Yupo Paper
Alcohol Ink
Felt pads
91% Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle

***WARNING: These products are flammable and should be used in a well-ventilated space away from heat or flames. Extra care should be taken to protect clothing & work surface from permanent damage. DO NOT spray alcohol in face or eyes. While this is a great project for children, take care when handling alcohol & protect work surface from stains by using a plastic placemat or a sheet of tin foil. Children should be supervised at all times.***



  1. Place your ornament in the center of the Yupo paper. There is no right or wrong side to this paper. Using a pencil, trace around the outside perimeter of your ornament & then set ornament aside. This will be your ornament’s background.
  2. If you choose to use the provided glove, place it on your dominant hand to avoid ink stains that may occur from holding the felt pads.
  3. Select your first felt pad & spray 1-2 spritzes of alcohol over the dry color. This will reactivate the ink. *Take care not to spray alcohol near face or eyes*
  4. Apply the ink onto your Yupo paper as desired. You can use a sweeping or a dabbing motion to create different textures.
  5. Once satisfied, switch to the next color & repeat process until you have achieved the design that you like. The alcohol ink will dry quickly. If this occurs before you are done working, simply add an additional spritz of Rubbing Alcohol to your felt pad.
  6. Once your paper is dry, cut around the design using the pencil outline as your template. Allow a little bit of space for the small area around the hole at the top.
  7. Turn your wooden ornament over to expose the back. Apply a layer of glue to the backside of the design, primarily on the border of the ornament.
  8. Place the wooden ornament onto your painted Yupo paper, taking care to line it up before gently pressing it into place. Allow the glue to dry completely before hanging.